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Pacific Coachlines Sydney

Pacific Coachlines Bus Hire Sydney
Pacific Coachlines Bus Hire Sydney

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Shopping Tours

Sydney Shopping Tours

Sydney offers some of the best shopping experiences in Australia. With an abundance of factory outlets and warehouses scattered across Sydney, there are bargains just ripe for the picking. Pacific Coachlines offer shopping trips to Sydney’s most popular shopping destinations.

Shopping Destinations:

Sydney Shopping Tours
Sydney Shopping Tours


Typically shopping tours is an eight hour day depending on the start and finish locations.

This allows about 2hrs per location plus travel time between outlets and a lunch stop.

Contact us today and speak with our knowledgeable office staff and logistics officers about which vehicle is the right vehicle for your Sydney Shopping Tours. Our friendly staff are trained in route mapping, event management and have local knowledge on shopping venues and locations that may have accessibility issues, road weight restrictions, hairpin bends, low underpasses or other factors that can affect entry for the vehicles.

All our shopping tours are bespoke, private and customised to your group’s demographics. Our staff can offer locations and advice but, in the end, it is your day, your itinerary, your choice.

Itineraries are not set in stone. Whilst on the tour if there’s a venue or shopping district you wish to visit then id there is time then no problems.

How are Sydney shopping tours priced? Prices are based on your timings, so we can provide costs based on your start time to finish time.

Always keeping in mind when planning your itinerary that shopping precincts are usually busy with other shoppers, especially around Christmas so things tend to take longer than expected and considering travel time between locations, it is usually longer than planned so keep in mind these factors when planning. If you plan to do a 4 hour tour then book for 5 as you will most probably use it.